• UX Designer

    June 2017 - Current

    Over the past 2 years, as the designer on the supply-side of the tours and activities business of Booking.com, I've designed and maintained several tools ranging from internal tools used by our commercial team, partner-facing web & mobile apps to key infrastructural features like availability and content management.

    Through countless hours spent on interviews, research and analysis, I was able to solve massive problems that vastly improved our capabilities as a standalone business and also acquired a deep understading of the industry in the process.

    Additionally, I've also served as a Team Lead for a year and managed a high-performing cross-functional team of 6 developers from various disciplines.

  • Director of Product Design

    March 2015 - April 2017

    I was able to bring users to the front and center of our product vision, and spearheaded multiple initiatives on research, design tooling and revamping the data model of the product for enterprise usage. Over the span of 5 years I’ve served at Jotform, both as a designer and a director, I’ve played a key role in the growth of the product; from 250k to 2 million users at the time of my departure.

    My main role was to ensure that our designs work in a consistent and scalable manner while we re-designed and re-built every aspect of our product in what ended up being the Jotform 4.0.

    Overall, the revamped product was well-received and managed to create a paradigm shift for the company in terms of both product and technology.

  • User Interface Designer

    November 2013 - March 2015

    I joined the amazing team at JotForm for another run and helped it grow past the 2 million users mark. I’ve built features for various parts of the app and shipped new ones as well, such as a full blown analytics suite. Given the small size of our team, my responsibilities ranged from user research and prototyping to UX and visual design.

    I also took part in the Marketing Team and designed landing pages and marketing banners, where I acted both as a designer and a front-end developer.

  • User Experience Designer

    September 2013 - November 2013

    I was hired by yekolay.com for a redesign project, aiming to improve the retention rate of the current product, as well as improving the overall system usability.

    We managed to increase the retention by replacing the search based navigation with a discovery based approach and saw positive results in usability scores as well.

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  • Designer

    Smarty Media
    November 2012 - July 2013

    Smarty Media is a boutique marketing agency located in Chicago where we helped small businesses grow by providing online marketing services and mobile websites.

    My main responsibility was preparing mobile websites for our clients and designing our spin-off service called MobileSparq, a plug & play website builder. I was also tasked with preparing graphics required for campaigns and presentations for our clients.

  • User Interface Designer

    October 2010 - November 2012

    I was the first full-time designer hired by the company and was tasked with improving the design wherever I could, as well as working on our company side-projects.

    The result was a form design that is being used even today, numerous improvements all around the app, increased engagement metrics and a side-project that became wildly popular for it's time.