Get things done!

Jobspot is a platform for outsourcing chores and errands locally, allowing job posters to save time by posting the chores they want done online and any job seeker to make some money on the side.

Kickoff & Prototyping

I was hired as a contractor and asked to design the mobile app which would be the launch pad of the whole platform. User research and interviews were readily available prior to my arrival, so we were able to jump into action pretty quickly.

It was clear that the app needed to support a considerable amount of different use cases would require a variety of different tasks to be functional. We started by preparing a simple customer journey map and detailed user flows in order to be able to see the big picture and discover opportunities to simplify the process.

Key screens were identified from these flow charts and wireframes were created for them using Mockingbird and an interactive prototype was created with Invision.

The initial briefing suggested seperate areas for job posters and job seekers, and through the research activities we theorized that they weren’t necessarily required.

A usability study conducted with the wireframes confirmed our hypothesis and we were able to cut down the number of screens almost by half.

The Design

The end result was able to hide a complicated processes under a simple dashboard and a smart notification system by revealing relevant information as needed.

Here are a few selected screens from the app:

A small icon set was also designed to be used throughout the app, denoting each category with its own visual mark.


Another usablilty study was conducted with the finalized designs at the end of the project and did not reveal any major issues. The initial reviews from early adopters were fairly positive.